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Creative Commons License Jeremiah Cogsworth

The very first printed advert that was placed for the recently steampunked Weapon of Choice. Proudly placed on page 48 of the ‘Effingham Bugle’ it featured a young Jeremiah proclaiming

“I never Leave Home

Without Mine”.

Two problems exist here - first the font chosen was difficult to read and secondly the gun was way to big to carry around just to pop to the local apothecary.

As the years rolled by, regular newspapers quickly became less popular as people didn’t want to read about serious things happening around the world.

 They got replaced with the latest  daily fantasy novels - one of the most popular being ‘Walter & Ezekial’ . These two scallywags got up to all sorts of high jinks and Jeremiah Cogsworth and his weapon of choice sponsored one of the illustrations on Page 284, of Issue 4753844 somewhere around the turn of the century.  

After realising his error in the early adverts, Jeremiah Cogsworth overcame the problem of gun size by always promoting the advantage of wearing a large hat - the perfect place to store his curious contraptions.

It didn’t solve his problem of poor sales for the ‘weapon of choice’ but the hat industry flourished and bigger and bigger hats were very fashionable for decades to come.

Old Adverts for Curious Contraptions