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Home Steam Punk Explained Steam Punk Emporium FAQ

View handcrafted and original ‘curious contraptions’ in the online shop.

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The SteamPunk Shop & Emporium FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About The Online Shop

Q. How do I place an order to buy some stuff ?

Q. What happens after I place such an order ?

Q. Where can I find the details of an order ?

Q. Can I add, change or amend the order ?

Q. How much does delivery cost ?

Q. How long might the delivery take to arrive ?

Q. Do you send stuff internationally ?

Q. Is tracking available for your deliveries ?

Questions About The Items For Sale

Q. What are the things made of ?

Q. Do they do that they’re described to do ?

Q. Are they toys ?

Q. My thing looks like it’s not new ?

Q. Why does it say ‘refurbished’ ?

Q. Are they painted ?

Q. My thing has got scratches on it ?

frequently FAQ asked questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How to order, delivery charges, how long it might take to arrive, etc ….. Click Here


How they’re made, what they’re made of, what do they they do, etc ….. Click Here