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Ladies and gentlemen, we are very proud to present :

The very famous and very imaginary blueprints for the ‘Weapon Of Choice’

Once thought to be lost for ever, this blueprint was in fact lost for over an imaginary century. We found it in an imagined old and dusty box in the corner of an old dusty part of our imagination.

Blueprint for the Weapon of Choice - a Steampunk Gun

Blueprint Details for the

Weapon Of Choice

MODEL No. 482802644844

Described as :

6 shooter revolver with dual sprocket carboration system and overhead underhang. Incorporates twin interlocking gangle pins, double doobery and air blaster kill meter. Mk 4 is Compatible with noise muffling silencer and crowd control Blunderbuss.     (May require additional Dooshank Adapter)

Features include:

Prototype mk4

Top Secret

Kill Meter Specifications

Also included are MK5 NOTES:

1. Needs to be bigger. (much)

2. Increase Velocity (lots)

3. Kill meter needs to include flesh wound counter